The development and evolution of our Company goes through the improvement of the economic/social situation of our country during the XX century, allowing us  a geographical expansion in the distribution of our wines on a national scale.

After the tragedy of the Second World War, Francesco Minini, now helped by his two sons, Franco and Battista, started with new enthusiasm a restless development of his trade throughout Italy, devastated by the War but already full of hope and anxious to rebuild the economy.

At the beginning of the ‘60s the big growth of the Company forces the Mininis’ to move into a new Winery, which is still the current Headquarter, even though enlarged and restored.

During all these years the Minini Family never forgot its tight link with the land, developing new cooperation projects with growers all over the main production areas of Italy. This allowed the Family to widen the portfolio of wines to support its introduction on the International markets.

This target has been left to the third Generation, which had the big burden to penetrate the major and competitive international markets.